CartThrob Order Manager 2.6

CartThrob Order Manager is an first-party order management addon included with every copy of CartThrob2 Pro at no additional cost. CartThrob Order Manager adds powerful reporting capabilities to CartThrob, as well as the ability to send order tracking notifications, generate packing lists and invoices, and process refunds if supported by gateway.

CartThrob Order Manager is included in every copy of CartThrob. If you have downloaded CartThrob lately, it already includes the latest version of Order Manager.


  • Sales Dashboard with daily, monthly, yearly sales, averages & counts, taxes, discounts, and more listed in a clickable graph.
  • Sortable Orders list with Quickview of billing / shipping info & mass status updating
  • Order search & report generator
  • Sortable customer report
  • Product sales list sorted by total sales amount.
  • Review & edit orders
  • Export orders to CSV

Please note: CartThrob Order Manager requires that CartThrob is installed, that you have an order channel set up, and saved orders to use

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