MBR Rapid Module Builder Framework (consultation)

Introducing the MBR Rapid Module Builder Framework (MBR Addon Builder) for ExpressionEngine. MBR Addon Builder is an application framework for ExpressionEngine that makes it possible to develop robust and secure ExpressionEngine add ons for a fraction of the time and cost possible using conventional methods. MBR Addon Builder includes many core components that make it possible to develop secure and powerful data driven applications for ExpressionEngine with advanced settings panels, form builders for gathering customer input, and maintenance systems that simplify installation, upgrades, and skinning


  • Included CT Form Builder library makes setting up customer forms with advanced rules & validation a snap
  • CRUD model makes it a breeze to push and pull data into a database without being concerned about data structure and validity
  • GetSettings library grabs settings easily from the main app as well as third party applications
  • Installation/Update system automagically updates database structures, module actions, extension hooks, and database tables without the need for tedious upgrade or installation scripts
  • Settings builder generates add/edit settings panels (including Matrices) automatically, with no view files or HTML required
  • Database views can easily include javascript table sorting, and automatic pagination.
  • MBR Addon Builder technology is actively developed and is at the core of many CartThrob and other MightyBigRobot add ons
  • A basic database driven module with settings, template forms & tags, and a backend data view can be built in hours, not weeks or months.
  • MBR Addon Builder can cut hundreds of hours off of add-on development projects
  • Included documentation builder makes it simple to create and edit documentation via MarkDown

The MBR Addon Builder is available for lease for your custom project. By purchasing this consultation we will set up a consultation to go over your requirements in more detail. For more details on using MBR Addon Builder in your next project, please contact us, or purchase this consultation today, and you will be contacted within two business days to set up an appointment.

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