Diagnostic Service

We offer direct diagnostic services to log in to your website and directly review and diagnose any problems your website is experiencing and either take steps to correct those issues, or provide an estimate of additional costs. Ideally we schedule the review at a time when you are able to join in the process to make our review as efficient as possible.

Though we often try to offer direct support at no cost when possible, the best way to guarantee fast service, is by purchasing a diagnostic service. Rather than generalized service, we will directly log in to your site, and identify the problem that is unique to your site and configuration.

Upon purchase of the Diagnostic Service you will be contacted via our sister site MightyBigRobot.com to schedule the review and to gather login credentials. You can optionally choose to send login with this purchase, but that may be a less secure option.

$50.00 Regular Price

Price including tax $50.00