Custom Development Blocks

Welcome to the Development Blocks service. Our development blocks service gives you ready access to a great development team. It’s like we’re working on staff just for you.

Custom development services are offered for CartThrob plugins (including Tax, Shipping, Discounts, Payment Gateways), website development, general ExpressionEngine design and development, CartThrob and ExpressionEngine support.

You can choose the size of the development block up-front, we work for you until the development block is exhausted! We log all work completed against development blocks in an online time tracker so you can follow our progress. Purchasing development blocks gives you guaranteed access, and consistent availability of service.


  • Development blocks are pay-as-you go. They’re purchased up-front and banked for later use.
  • Rate discounts increase with the purchase of larger development blocks.
  • Response time decreases with the purchase of larger development blocks.
  • Development hours do not expire.
  • Minimum development block is only $1000 USD
  • Development block usage is tracked online and can be reviewed at any time

Average costs for common services

  • Payment gateways: average $800 USD.
  • Shipping plugins: average $500 USD
  • Live rates shipping plugins: average $2000 USD
  • Tax plugins: average $1000 USD
  • Discount plugins: average $660 USD
  • Custom modules for ExpressionEngine using our MBR Addon Technology: average $10,000 USD

*Please contact us for full details, contracts, & rate chart. Average base rate without discounts is $150 / hr.

$1,000.00 Regular Price

Price including tax $1,000.00