About Us

CartThrob is an award-winning product of the award-winning ExpressionEngine development group MightyBigRobot & the interactive web development team of Barrett Newton Interactive. CartThrob eCommerce framework has been in active development since 2005, growing from a simple collection of scripts, to one of the most powerful and flexible ecommerce systems available anywhere. Our team is based in St. Louis, Missouri, home of the World Series Winningest Cardinals. We love working with our clients, and we really enjoy ExpressionEngine and eCommerce!

We strive to make very advanced ecommerce sites within the reach of designers and developers alike. Rather than spending an incredible amount of time hacking an existing cart to meet your needs, or building something from scratch, CartThrob makes it possible to build something unique with a flexible, expandable set of tools. CartThrob is a tool you can keep coming back to.

The team here offers consistent & professional service, excellent support, and a continuing pursuit of excellence in our product. We're excited by building something great, and we hope you can share that excitement with us while you build something great for your clients.

For more information, review our other websites, at MightyBigRobot.com, and BarrettNewton.com

- Chris Newton, CEO & Lead developer